Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Christians will search for any and all excuses in order to justify drinking alcohol. How does that work in reality?

One to two drinks of alcohol impair mental and physical abilities; mental process such as restraint, awareness, concentration and judgment are affected, reaction time slowed, and an inability to perform complicated tasks. [The Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs," Motor Safety Foundation, Irvine, Ca, 1991]

As a Christian would you approve of your heart surgeon having a couple of beers before your operation?

As a Christian who believes social drinking is acceptable,  would you be in favor of lowering the drinking age to six years of age?

As a Christian would you feel comfortable with the airplane pilot of your flight having a glass or two of wine before your flight?

As a Christian would you give your dentist permission to have a shot of whiskey before he drills and fills your teeth?

As a Christian is it acceptable, in your eyes, for pregnant women to drink socially?

As a Christian do you approve of beer and wine being served at church Bible studies and other church functions?

As a Christian would you hire a person who drinks a couple of glasses of wine while watching your children?

Would your answers be the same if you inserted the words coffee, tea, milk or soft drinks?

You are legally drunk in all states if you BAC  [Blood Alcohol Concentration] is .08. IMPAIRMENT BEGINS BELOW .02 BAC. One to one and one half drinks results in a .02 BAC. 

Are Christians who say social drinking is acceptable, being honest with the church, the world and themselves?

If social drinking is harmless, then it should be permitted seven days a week in all circumstances where coffee, tea, milk, and sodas are permitted, and permitted for all ages.

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  1. As a Christian, do you not think the Bible is infallible, authoritative, and entirely sufficient to guide us in faith and practice?

    I notice you didn't even bother to quote a verse out of context. You have shared your opinion and the tradition of men. I suspect you will tack on a verse or two now to try to correct your omission. But the simple fact is the Bible is against your opinion.


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