Monday, April 4, 2016


When religious doctrine that is obviously contrary to Christian doctrine is exposed, the reply is usually, "We do not believe that way."

Example: When it is pointed out that praying "to" the Virgin Mary is worship and therefore a sin, many Catholics deny that they pray "to" the Virgin Mary.

Catholics do pray "to" the Virgin Mary.

Example: When it is explained the Calvinist teach that men have to do nothing in order to be saved, many Calvinist say, not true. Calvinist doctrine teaches that men are saved by grace alone because God selected them to be saved. Calvinist believe God gives them the gift of faith so they can believe and be saved.

Calvinist, in fact, believe they do nothing in order to be saved.

Example: Masons deny that Masonry is a religion, however, they meet in Masonic Temples, the head of each lodge in called Worshipful Master.

Masonry is a religion and it is not Christian.

Example. When the fact the Mormons believe in more than one God is presented, many Mormons deny that fact, even though it written in Mormon doctrine.

If you have to deny the doctrines of your religion because of obvious contradiction to the word of God, according to the Bible, you may be out on a perilous theological limb.       

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