Friday, April 21, 2017

W H Y THE FIRE? --By Steve Finnell

 There once was a man whose children played with matches. First the children, then the house - all were ashes. Why the fire? To what can we attribute the acceptance of the denominational doctrines that are creeping into many of the congregations of the Restoration Movement? The permissive attitudes and actions expressed by various church leaders certainly warrant our consideration.

 THE LOCAL CHURCH: (A) We fill our bulletin boards with advertisements promoting denominational and inter-denominational events. (B) We extend invitations to various denominational singing groups to lead us in worship, in song or entertainment. (C) The pulpit is used as a platform to praise denominational personalities and encourage participation in denominational workshops and seminars. (D) The errors of denominational doctrine are not exposed or exposed in weak "mopping up" exercises after the fact. (E) Denominational literature abounds in our churches. (F) We involve ourselves with denominationally influenced ministerial associations, interfaith prayer groups, and denominational evangelistic crusades. Then we cry, "Why the fire?"

 RESTORATIONAL PERIODICALS: (A) We allow articles advocating denominational doctrines and philosophies to be printed. (All in the name of liberty of opinion, of course). (B) Refuse to publish articles that openly oppose particular denominations, even if their teachings are contrary to the Word of God. (C) Publish articles written by denominational writers. (If they are credible enough to publish, they are credible enough to follow, many suppose.) Then we cry, "Why the fire?"

 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION CENTERS: (A) Teach limited basic Bible doctrine. (B) Support denominational lecturers on campus. (C) Tolerate instructors who openly advocate denominational doctrines. Then we cry, "Why the fire"? Why? Because God’s children are playing with matches!!

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