Thursday, May 11, 2017


What doctrines are usually avoided when preaching in today's churches?

1. The sin of abortion.

2. The sin of drunkenness.

3. The sin of premarital sex.

4. The sin of homosexuality.

5. The sin of adultery.

6. The sin of perverting the gospel of Christ.

7. Preaching that false doctrines taught in many denominational churches and cults.

8. Preaching about the sin of Christians who have membership in the church of Freemasonry.

9. Preaching against the false doctrine that infants are born guilty of Adam's sin. In other words the false doctrine of original sin.

10. Pointing out the false doctrine that unbelievers are subjects for water baptism. That being unbelieving infants.

11. Baptizing for the dead, by proxy.

12. The erroneous doctrine that sprinkling and pouring are simply additional modes of being immersed. All being water baptism.

13. Preaching against the false doctrine of salvation by faith only; therefore excluding immersion in water for the forgiveness of sins.

14. Preaching that men saved by grace alone is not found in the Bible.

15. Teaching that Christians need to repent in order to enter the kingdom God. That living an unrepentant lifestyle can prevent a Christian from inheriting eternal life.

16. Teaching that praying to the Virgin Mary and other dead saints is worship and that worshipping anyone but God is sin.

17.  That the supernatural gifts of prophecies, tongues, and knowledge ceased to exists at the completion of the Bible. God's complete revelation to mankind.  

These 17 subjects are not normally preached in today's churches.


What normally is preached in the contemporary church?

 Jesus loves everyone, do not worry, because Christians are sinners saved by grace.

All denominations and cults are going to heaven. They just taking different paths.   

Just believe in Jesus and you are saved and can never be lost. Do worry about sin in your life. The warnings about falling from grace have been misinterpreted.

Just claim to be a Christian and you are on your way to heaven.


 NOTE: 75% of people in the USA claim to be Christians.  

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