Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dear Brother
I have a friend that is having a
great deal of difficulty giving
himself to the Lord because of the
following questions.
If God knew the outcome of the
future of Lucifer, why would He
create him, knowing that he would
be His archenemy and would tempt the world to sin and
be mostly successful?
Why are we still being punished or under the curse for
what Adam and Eve did?
Why does a Ioving God allow children to be born crippled
or with such things like blindness, or heart problems, etc.

Point One: Why would God create the devil knowing
that he would become the tempter?
This is very easy. If you give a spirit freewill, he can sin.
If he does sin, he can lead others into sin. One can
choose to be such a hater of God that he can seek to
destroy others. You cannot have an up without a down,
a valley without a mountain, or cold without hot. If one
can be holy, he can choose to be unholy.
God did know what Satan and man would do when
given freewill. He sets before us death and life, good
and evil, Heaven and hell. He planned before the
foundation of the world to send His Son into the world
because unlike your friend, He is smart enough to know
you cannot offer freewill without some choosing evil and
thus death.
I did the same thing when I fathered children. I knew on
one hand that they could become Hitlers, Stalins,
Dahmers, and King Sauls. But I fathered them. They
have choice. They could die of cancer, aids, fire, drown,
and thousands of other misfortunes such as starvation.
But I fathered them. They could be the tempted or the
tempter but I fathered them.
He did not make robots or puppets. He gave freewill
which means there would be pain, death, and sorrow on
this earth. If your friend fathered children he answers his
own question.
Point Two: Forgiveness removes guilt, it does not
remove consequence. I played with matches and burned
myself. That was the consequence. What my father
gave me was the punishment.
After the punishment came the forgiveness, but the
consequence remained after the discipline and the
forgiveness. The songwriter says it beautifully, “Be of sin
the double cure, save from wrath and make me pure”.
God does not just forgive us but empowers us to
become pure. But that takes time for us to perfect
holiness in the fear of God.
If all problems stopped immediately after baptism,
temptation and the consequences of our sin were
immediately removed, and we had no time to be
overcomers of our habits and temptations, we would not
be pure by choice and that would not be good.
Faith is the victory that overcomes the world and pure
religion helps the widows and orphans in their affliction,
and keeps itself unspotted from the world. When a drunk
is baptized he still has his red nose and problems with
his kidneys. The loose woman still has the bad
reputation. The smoker’s lungs are still darkened. The
thief is still suspected. The porno watcher still has those
images in his memory bank.
Salvation is from the guilt and power and
eternal consequences of sin, but the physical effects are
still there. David's sin was blotted out, but God
said the child would die. He had given cause for the
enemies of God to blaspheme and trouble would
haunt his family. His sons had to wrestle the same
sexual sins that he did. Ammom, Absalom, Solomon,
Adonijah, had his bad example and it showed up in each
of them.
Point Three: As I said above, sin leaves consequences.
The whoremonger and loose women get VD and
children are born to them that are blind, deformed, etc.
The sins of the fathers physically pass to their children
for several generations.
"From the cowardice that shrinks from
new truth, from the laziness that is content
with half truths, from the arrogance that
thinks it knows all truth, O, God of Truth,
deliver us."2 THE GOSPEL UNASHAMED April 2012
Number two answers this one too. Man dies because
Adam and Eve sinned. We die because they were driven
away from the Tree of Life, which is for the healing of the
nations. Curse, pain, sorrow, and death are the results of
sin and until we eat again of the Tree of Life, there will
be these curses upon all mankind.
If Christians never had problems such as kids gone bad,
cancer, heart trouble, disease, pain, starvation, then
men would become Christians but not over repentance
for sin, or love for God. They would become a Christian,
go to Church, and live decent, as they would see that is
the premium due on their insurance against those
calamities. They would be hypocrites for safety from
them. Impure motives would abound if all problems
ceased upon becoming a Christian.
I do not sin because it is against God’s Law. I do not sin
because it breaks God’s heart. I am not intentionally
sinning because God would hurt me, but because I
would hurt God. I have no idea if these will help, but
these things are clear as day to my thinking.

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