Saturday, December 5, 2015

Is Original Sin
a Myth Upon
a Myth?  by George L. Faull

Isn’t it ironic that those who
believe today in the
doctrine of “original sin” are
the ones now who deny the
account of Adam and Eve
as an authentic, historical
They believe the story of
Adam and Eve was only a
myth. So what do they admit by such a statement but that
the doctrine is fabricated out of a myth!!!
They like to quote Irenaeus and Tertullian, Basil, Gregory
of Nanzianjns, Gregory of Nyssa, and Ambrosiaster. The
latter said “Adam’s sin corrupted the flesh and the
corruption is passed by physical descent. Man cannot
plead that he is not responsible for the results of sins –
even if he commits them unwillingly in a sense, it was he
who originally, presumably in Adam, enslaved himself to
the devil.”
Says who? Where does the Bible say I am guilty of
Adam’s sin? I was born in the fold but went astray. I was
born a son but left my father and became a prodigal. I’m
to blame for my own sin, not Adams. I bear the
consequences of his sin but not his guilt.
But the Bible says by one mans sin many were made
sinners – Romans 5:19. Look at the context. It is a
contrast between Adam and Christ. Paul points out that
by Adam’s fall, sin entered into the world and this brought
death to all men.
Through that offence, we all die. So by Christ’s
righteousness many are made righteous and by Christ’s
death, by grace, many are made righteous.
Adam’s offence brought death to all who are his. Christ’s
righteousness can bring life to all who are His. Adam’s
disobedience made all to be counted sinners in God’s
sight. Christ’s obedience will make those in Christ be
counted righteous.
Where sin did reign to death for all men, those who
accept God’s grace reign through the righteousness of
Jesus Christ.
In Adam, we are reckoned to be sinners. In Christ, we
are reckoned, or counted righteous. It all depends if we
are IN Adam or IN Christ.
When Adam sinned, he and Eve were expelled from the
garden, which contained the Tree of Life. Even after they
sinned, God said, “….Lest he put forth his hand and take
also of the tree of life and eat and live forever.” He
removed them from the Tree of Life. All mankind are
counted sinners and thus in Adam all die because we are
not eating of the Tree of Life.
I asked a farmer to let me fish in his pond. He said, “No, I
let a man fish in it and he left his trash and I forbid anyone
to fish here now.” He counted all future fishermen as the
first fisherman so forbade all to fish there. All are counted
“trashers” but they were not trashers upon becoming
fishermen. I was not guilty of trashing the man’s pond but
I bore the consequences of the “original trasher”. I do not
bear Adam’s guilt, nor his inherited nature.
Adam’s DNA did not change! His privileges changed and
mine did as well and I share the consequence, but not his
guilt. The child born blind bears the consequence of his
father’s fornicating and getting syphilis, but not his father’s
So to return to my first paragraph’s thought, it is strange
that many of those pushing the doctrine of original sin
DENY the sin ever happened in the first place because it
is a myth.
In reality, the sin of Adam did occur but the idea that I
have inherited his quilt and sinful nature is an on-going
myth created by man. It has spawned many other

unscriptural doctrines and practices.

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