Thursday, March 31, 2016


There are believers in Jesus The Christ who honestly believe that God only authorized one English translation of the Bible and it was the 1611 King James Version. 

The original 1611 King James Bible had eighty books. It included the fourteen books called the apocrypha. 

Question: Do 1611 King James "only" believers think that God authorized the apocrypha?

Question: Does the 1611 King James Version they use have the apocrypha books included?

Question: Do they believe all eighty books of the original 1611 King James Version were given by the inspiration of God?

The truth is 1611 King James Version "only" advocates do not read from the original 1611 King James Version.

The truth is there are many Bible translations that are trustworthy. Just read the translation you chose and believe God's plan.  

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  1. Hello brother Steve...

    Thanks for the opening...

    I find the King James Version Holy Bible to be God's Inspired and Preserved Word to the people who speak in the English language.

    If we are to take God's Promise at "face-value" that God's Way is SIMPLE because He wants ALL people to have access to His Word, it makes spiritual FAITHFUL sense that God's Word would be readily available to the general public.

    This may or may not make sense to you but my real life "proof" of this is... virtually all these multiple "bible versions" floating around out there are expensive and not as available for the average person to get his/her hand on.

    Say, I go to the Dollar Tree store and out of all the "multiple" supposed "versions" out there I find the "King James Version Holy Bible" to be the "standard" of what a Holy Bible is. Amen.

    Now, I haven't seen many different people pick up and buy any KJV Holy Bibles there, but I have, and perhaps, any other brother, sister or "spiritually-seeking" person has checked out and bought a KJV Holy Bible at the Dollar Tree.

    Please check out this:

    May God's Good Grace abound on you through the Holy Blood of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST! Amen!

    ~ Sincerely,

    Bro. Jed


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