Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WHO IS THE ARBITER OF TRUTH? by steve finnell

Who the arbiter of truth concerning Christian faith and practice in your denomination? Is it God the Father speaking through Jesus, the apostles and the Holy Spirit through God's Bible, or is it your man-made creed book, the denominational church catechism, the church statement of faith, edicts from denominational headquarters, or the opinions of your church leaders?

If man-made doctrine supersedes the Bible, then the Bible is not needed.

Man-made creed books, church catechisms, statements of faith, and edicts from denominational headquarters are identical to the Bible, then, they are not needed.

Denominations were created so they could be the arbiter of their man-made truth concerning faith and practice.

The Bible and the Bible alone is the arbiter of God's truth.    

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  1. I agree, my dad's words echo in my head as I work out my salvation. When my siblings and I used to argue as children, we used to say 'Dad, dad who is right'. He used to pick up his Bible and say 'Let's see what the Lord says', and always read scripture to us. That is what I do now regarding my life in the body of Christ, and mostly why I am rejected in many denominational churches. Sometimes man is put in place of God and His Word.


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