Sunday, March 19, 2017

ALLOWED TO PREACH?  by steve finnell

Would Jesus and the apostles be allowed to preach in your denomination or your church congregation?

If Jesus said, those who believe and are baptized will be saved, would He be allowed to preach at your denomination's convention? ( Ref:Mark 16:16 NIV 1973)

If Jesus said, that if you do not believe in Me you will die in your sins, would He be rebuked by your church leaders? (Ref: John 8:24 NIV 1973)

If the apostle Paul said, Jesus made the church holy and blameless by cleansing her by the washing of water through the word, would Paul ever be permitted to preach again? (Ref: Ephesians 5: 25-27 NIV)

If the apostle Peter said, that salvation only comes through Jesus Christ, would he be authorized to teach and preach at your church? (Ref: Acts 4:10-12 NIV 1973)

If the apostle Peter said, do not revere the Virgin Mary or other dead saints by praying to them, would Peter be allowed to preach at your church? (Ref: Acts 10:25-26 As Peter entered the house, Cornelius met him and fell at his feet in reverence. 26 But Peter made him get up . "Stand up," he said, "I am only a man myself." (NIV 1973)

If the apostle Paul, said salvation is available to all men, and not just a selected few, would Paul be permitted to preach at your church? (Ref: Titus 2:11 For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. (NIV 1973)

Would the apostle John be reprimanded at your church if he said, men cannot inherit sin, because sin is committed and not inherited from Adam? (Ref: 1 John 3:4 Everyone  who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness. NIV 1973) NOTE: INFANTS DO BREAK THE LAW.

There are few churches who would allow Jesus and the apostles to preach. They would be admonished, reprimanded, prohibited, rebuked fired on the spot.   

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