Wednesday, November 18, 2015

95% OF ALL BAPTISTS ARE CALVINISTS!  by steve finnell

Yes, 95%, more or less, of all Baptists are Calvinists, however, many of them do not realize that fact or simply deny it.

Some tenets of Calvinism.

1. Once in grace always in grace aka know as eternal security and perseverance of the saints. [NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

2. The doctrine of original sin. That being, that because Adam sinned all men have inherited Adam's guilt and a sin nature at birth. [NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

3. Unconditional Election. God selects a certain few for salvation and selects all other to burn in hell. [NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

4. God imputes faith so the elect can believe and be saved.[NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

5. Limited Atonement. Jesus died only for the elect.[NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

6. Irresistible Grace. God selects His chosen few and they cannot resist His calling.[NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

7. Total Depravity. Men are born unable to keep from sinning. Men are not able to believe the gospel unless God forces them to believe.[NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

8. Men are saved by grace alone. Men have no responsibility to believe and be saved.[NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

9. Men are saved by faith only. Immersion in water is not essential in order to be saved. [NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

10. The minute a person believes that Jesus is the Son of God and confesses Him as Lord his sins are forgiven. Men's sins are forgiven and then they are baptized in water as a testimony of their faith.[NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

11. God predestined some individuals to be saved and predestined all others to be lost.[NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE]

If you believe like a Calvinists. If you teach doctrine like a  Calvinist. You are a Calvinist. 




  1. I am not a Baptist or Calvinist but the parts about "Not Found in the Bible" I would have to differ with. The Bible does warn against foolish issues though.

  2. Labels are meaningless unless the name on the label has been ap-proved.

    I look at the "Potential" of Truth much like I do money. You can place a life changing 10 million dollar grant in the hands 9 said poor men and 1 said wise man, yet the question remains who sets the standard that judges who the money proved to be Wise?


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