Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dear Brother
I have grandparents who were
never baptized. I know they were
saved and I will see them in
Heaven. The Thief on the cross
was not baptized.
Go to this website,, and listen to the
sermon on “Why the Thief on the Cross was Saved”. He
was pardoned under the old covenant. Listen with an
open mind to this sermon.
Can a person be saved without:
The remission of sins? Acts 2:38
The Holy Spirit? Acts 2:38, 5:32
Being saved? Mark 16:16
Their sins washed away? Acts 22:16
Being in Christ? Galatians 3:27
Being raised with Christ? Romans 6:2-4
A good conscience? I Peter 3:21
Obeying the Gospel? II Thessalonians 1:8
Being obedient from the heart to the Gospel in the
dramatization of Christ’s death, burial and
resurrection? Romans 6:17-18
Being born of the water and the Spirit? John 3:5,
Titus 3:5
When I get to Heaven I cannot say that I did not preach
baptism is essential to salvation because I had a friend
whose loved ones were not baptized and he guarantees
me they were saved.
I must preach what the Word says. I am not a judge. I
am a faithful preacher of the things that Jesus
commanded and promised. I set myself up a judge if I
promise salvation to anyone who did not obey Jesus.
Those who refuse to be baptized of John were said to
have “rejected the counsel of God against themselves,
being not baptized of John.” Those who obeyed it
justified God. Luke 7:29-30
I cannot be one of those religious leaders who judge by
appearances, for many call Him Lord and do wonderful
works in His name, but are not allowed in. This applies to
people who have been baptized as well. It is not the
hearer, but the doer. Remember Matthew 7:21-29.
It is impossible for God to lie. He says the words that He
spoke will judge in that day. What it says now, it will say
then. I have grandparents, too, who never obeyed and
they have no promise of salvation.
Let God be true and every man a liar. To that I have to
sorrowfully say, “Amen”, even though I know it is right.
My thoughts are not His thoughts.
God bless you, brother, as you think about these

I love you in the Lord.

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