Saturday, November 14, 2015


What are the parallels of the conversions to Jesus Christ on the Day of Pentecost and that of the conversion of the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus?

1. At Pentecost they believed Jesus was Lord And Christ.(Acts 2:36)
Paul believe Jesus was Lord.(Acts 9:4-5)

2. At Pentecost they asked what they should do. (Acts 2:37)

Paul asked "Lord what do you want me to do"(Acts 9:6)

3. At Pentecost, the 3000 repented, and were immersed in water for the forgiveness of their sins and then they received the gift of the Holy Spirit.(Acts 2:38)

Paul went to Damascus where he was baptized in water for the forgiveness of his sins and he was filled with the Holy Spirit. Acts 22:16,Acts 9:17-18)

Paul's sins were not forgiven "on the road" to Damascus, they were forgiven in Damascus.(Acts 22:10-16)

Paul was not filled with the Holy Spirit "on the road" to Damascus. He was filled with the Holy Spirit in Damascus. (Acts 9:10-19)

Paul believed that Jesus was Lord "on the road' to Damascus, however, he was not saved from his sins on the road nor was he filled with the Holy Spirit on the road.(Acts 9:3-9)

Paul was saved in Damascus. He was not saved on the road to Damascus. He was NOT SAVED BEFORE HE WAS BAPTIZED IN WATER! You cannot be saved until your sins have been forgiven.    


  1. Steve,

    The "Truth" about the kingdom of God MUST First be preached (hence faith comes by the hearing of Gods words).

    Believing THE "Truth" has everything to DO with being able to "See" what God says is and/or has already taken (assumed) its rightful place in the eternal realm.

    Are you "Looking" for the explanation that is also True from someone other than the Lord (The Living God and His sent Christ) OR from someone YOU personally don't believe you can also trust with the dispensation of such knowledge, who then does that leave as the One who's Teaching?

    Why does evil labor so hard to discredit a personage on as few as One single point of ALL they have to say? Because it leaves the one listening doubting beyond that point of distrust....

    That should be why we do find AND Choose to Believe Jesus to be the ONLY perfect Man to have walked the earth.

    There for what do we place our Hope in....The words or just any man or the words of men who try to present the suggestive words such as "We no longer see others from a worldly point of view as we ONCE did Christ?

    We who do want to believe in the ONE True God have great need in knowing the TRUE value of "Perfection" when its found IN THIS WORLD...

    Why would "The Message" declared to be that sent of God Himself fall on deaf ears?

    Who is wise enough to handle the deep complexity of such a question as such that is also an all encompassing and sufficient enough response? One reason provided which ALL men will also find themselves "Wise" enough to accept as True?

    Can these Three divine considerations (Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding somehow be separated and still maintain their God intended purpose?

    That is to suggest "The WAY" God intended His sons and Daughters to also follow?

  2. Hey, I found this while looking around for more. I think you might like some of what he shares. I think SOULWRECKAGE would too:


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