Monday, November 9, 2015

Crazy? By George L. Faull

Recently I read of a church that decided to
show the Muslims their willingness to learn from
“their Muslim brothers”. So they joined them in
observance of Ramadan in a fast for peace,
fellowship, and neighborliness. Their reasoning
was “Since the Bible teaches us the importance
of fasting and being generous to the poor, we
can participate as Christians in fidelity to the
Bible, as our Muslim friends do, in fidelity to the
Oh, how about this one!! A Theology professor
at a Lutheran University, Dr. Herbert Hoover,
wants the churches to be more Muslim friendly.
He wants us to stop praying in Jesus’ name,
stop quoting Paul as an authority, confine
ourselves only to the Gospels, avoid calling
Jesus the Son of God in our preaching and
witnessing, and stop using any kind of music in
our services. He wants Muslims to feel
comfortable in our “context”.
Our church camps, including our local ones, are
having “Labyrinth’s” installed. This is a
‘supposed’ prayer journey used by pagans,
Catholics, New Agers, and Universalists. It is
an old occult practice, but finding its way into
the Church. One clergy person said, “God is
blessing the use of our labyrinth; many are
being drawn closer to Jesus, experiencing
healing and gaining Spiritual clarity as they pray
on its path!”
It is simply a mingling of faiths. It teaches that
there is no wrong way but that all paths lead to
truth. It will result in an inclusion of all faiths or a
universal faith and so is the basis for a great
world church.
Another church has Santa Claus serve
communion to worshippers!!!
At an alleged Christian woman’s meeting in the
north, they held a celebration to the Goddess
Sophia in which their communion element was
the milk from women’s breasts.
Believe me, the time has come to realize that
there is an organized effort to destroy the
Church, the Bible and the Christian faith. Many
of these things now branded “Christian” are
simply copied from ancient paganism, the
occult, or New Age philosophy and
Universalism. It is an attempt to have a world
religion that combines all religions into one
universal faith.
Do not be deceived. The Restoration of simple
New Testament Christianity is the only antidote
to this Spiritual sickness.

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