Thursday, July 7, 2016


To assume that church leaders know basic Bible doctrine is going a bridge too far. If Christians in the pew lack basic Biblical facts how would it be possible for them to know if their church leaders are teaching and preaching the gospel truth?

If church leaders assume that all the Christians in the congregation are aware of basic Biblical doctrine, they are assuming too much.

Think about it, even Billy Graham does not realize that water baptism is essential for salvation. He also believes that you can be part of the body of Christ without ever having heard the name of Jesus.

Church leaders and members alike have a responsibility to study the word of God. There are not thousand of different denominations because believers read their Bibles too much or ask God to show them His truth and only His truth. 

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  1. Not only is it important to know the word but we must also live it in our daily lives!
    and encourage others!


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