Monday, May 2, 2016


There are verses of Scripture no living person can see; why is that? There many religious doctrines that are stated as facts that cannot be cited in a single verse of Scripture.


1. Men are saved by grace alone. No verse of Scripture can be cited where God says men are save by grace alone. Alone means alone every time it is used.

2. Men are saved by faith only. No verse of Scripture can be cited. Only always means only.

3. Men can have their sins forgiven before they are baptized in water. No verse of Scripture can be cited to prove that as a fact.

4. Water baptism is not essential to be saved. No verse can be cited, not even a proof-text can be cited.

5. The purpose of water baptism is for a testimony of faith to the community. No verse can be cited to affirm that doctrine.

6. Water baptism is simply an act of obedience and it is not in order to have sins forgiven. No verse can be cited in any Bible that states those presumptions as facts from God.  

7. The apostle Peter meant to say repent and be baptized because your sins have already been forgiven. No verse of Scripture can be cited to support that claim .

Blind verses of Scripture cannot save anyone; because they cannot be cited.

Man-made doctrine is not Scripture. Why do believers in Christ make statement that are not in the Bible?? Could it be to support the traditions of men?    

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