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What do know of the actions and beliefs of the apostles after the Day of Pentecost AD 33?

Names of those apostles after the Day of Pentecost. Simon , who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother; and James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother; Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew the Tax collector; James the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus; Simon the Zealot, Mathias, and the apostle Paul.

What do we know of the beliefs and lifestyles of these apostles after the Day of Pentecost?

1. How many apostles said that water baptism was not essential to salvation? Answer, not one.

2.How many of them of lived a homosexual lifestyle? Answer, none.

3. How many of them said once you are saved you can never be lost, even if you live an unrepentant lifestyle? Answer, not one single one of them.

4. Which apostle said, "Sprinkling, or pouring water on a person is Biblical baptism?" Answer, no apostle made that claim.

5. How many of the apostles were getting drunk, but claiming getting drunk on special occasions did not make them drunkards? Answer, not one.

6. What is the name of the apostle that said, "Jesus is one way to get heaven, but not the only way? Answer, no apostle made that statement.

7. How many apostles were guilty of adultery post 33AD? Answer, not one.

8. Who were the apostles whom stated, "You do not have to baptized to have your sins forgiven, but you must be baptized to join the denomination of your choice?" Answer, no apostle ever claimed that was a fact.

9. Names of the apostles who were unrepentant thieves? Answer, none of them fit that category.

10. Which apostle said "Denominational  churches should write their own creed books because creed books explain the errors found in the Scriptures?" Answer, not one.

11. Did any of the apostles direct Christians to pray to the Virgin Mary and other dead saints? Answer, no, none did.

12. Which apostle continued in swindling his fellow man? Answer, not one.

13. Did the apostles teach that the church had the authority to change the Scriptures. Answer, no.

14. Did the apostles claim the apostle Peter was the first in a long line of Popes? Did they say Peter was the head of the Lord's church? Answer, no, they did not.

15. How many apostles said "That all men inherited the guilt of Adam,s sin and therefore were sinner at conception?" Answer, absolutely none of them.

16 Did the apostles baptize unbelieving infants? Answer, no.

17. Which apostle said "That God selected each individual for salvation and selected every person that would be sent to hell?" Answer, that was not said nor taught by any apostle.

18. Which apostle said, God has given the Scriptures, however, we cannot trust any translation of the Bible but the King James Version? Answer, not spoken by any apostle.

19. Which apostle stated that the Bible alone cannot be trusted for God's truth. Answer, not one single one.

20. How many of the apostles said, "The only way to understand God's truth is by reading Bible commentaries, extra-Biblical books, and other books of opinions, and traditions of men?" Answer, no apostle made that statement.

21. Is there one apostle that said, "Men are saved by faith alone?" Answer, no.

22. Did the apostles teach that unbaptized infant who died will be in limbo? Answer, no they did not.

23. Which apostle taught that believers who died without being baptized in water would still be saved? Answer, no apostle taught any such doctrine.

Acts 2:42 They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles' teaching...(NASB)

The question is should you trust the apostles' doctrine for your salvation, or should you trust the teaching of your denomination to get you to heaven?    


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