Sunday, December 4, 2016


Where do people look to find the inerrant preacher? Answer. They look at the pulpit of their local church and see an infallible preacher standing there. Is is not amazing that he was so easily located?

When young men attend Bible college or seminary with aspirations of becoming a preacher of God's word. Are they encourage to prayerfully search the Scriptures for the truth?

Too many, if not all, Bible colleges and seminaries are nothing more than institutions established to indoctrinate men into believing the man-made traditions of a particular denomination, cult, or a group of independent churches.

Why is it that every preacher that graduates from a Baptist college preaches Baptist doctrine?
Why does every preacher from a Methodist college preach Methodist doctrine?
Pentecostal preachers preach Pentecostal doctrine.
Catholic priests preach Catholic doctrine.
Lutheran preachers preach Lutheran doctrine.
Quaker preachers preach Quaker doctrine.

Should not a Christian going to Bible college, graduate, and then preach Christian doctrine.

Matthew 4:4 But He answered and said, "It is written, 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but every word that proceeds out of the mouth  of God.'"

We are told to live by the word that proceeds from the mouth of God. There is no instruction to located an "inerrant preacher" and follow his teachings.

There are no inerrant preachers, just an inerrant Bible.

If there are 12 different preachers who are proclaiming 12 different ways of being saved; then at least 11 of those preachers    are in error. At least 11 of the preachers are teaching the commandments of men. Did they learn those different terms of pardon from the Bible or did they learn them in Bible college and seminary?


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