Sunday, December 4, 2016


Is the doctrine of total depravity correct? The teaching is that all men are guilty of the original sin of Adam and Eve rendering them totally depraved due to heredity. Nothing about them is good. They are wholly defiled body and soul. Wholly inclined to all evil. They are sinners at conception. They have no free-will. They cannot seek God. They cannot believe the gospel unless God forces them to believe.


Luke 1:5-6...Zacharias...Elizabeth. 6 They were both righteous in the sight of God, walking blamelessly in all the commandments and requirements of the Lord. (NASB)

Zacharias and Elizabeth were wholly defiled body and soul. TRUE OR FALSE?

Luke 1:13-15...Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you will give him the name John.....15.....he will be filled with the Holy Spirit while in his mother's womb. (NASB)

John The Baptist was conceived and born guilty of Adam's sin. God gave John The Baptist the Holy Spirit even though he was totally depraved in the womb. TRUE OR FALSE?

2 Kings 23:24-25 ...Josiah...25 Before him there was no king like him who turned to the Lord with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his might, according to all the law of Moses; nor did any like him arise after him. (NASB)

King Josiah was wholly inclined to all evil. TRUE OR FALSE?

Matthew 1:19 And Joseph her husband, being a righteous man and not wanting to disgrace her, planned to send her away secretly.(NASB)

Joseph the husband of the Virgin Mary was a sinner at birth and totally depraved. TRUE OR FALSE?

Ecclesiastes 7:29 Behold, I have found only this, that God made men upright, but they have sought many devices." (NASB)

After Adam and Eve sinned, God made men totally depraved at conception. TRUE OR FALSE?

2 Peter 2:4-7 ...God..5....but preserved Noah, a preacher of righteousness......7 and if He rescued righteous Lot, oppressed by the sensual
 conduct of unprincipled men (NASB)

Noah and Lot were born totally depraved, not capable of doing good or believing in God. TRUE OR FALSE

James 2:23 and the Scripture was fulfilled which says, "And Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness," and he was called the friend of God. (NASB)

Abraham was born a sinner, totally depraved and could not seek God, because no man can seek God. TRUE OR FALSE?

Job 1:8 The Lord said to to Satan, "Have you considered My servant Job? For there is no one like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, fearing God  and turning away from evil." (NASB)

Job was totally depraved in the womb, with a corrupted nature, never able to do good, always inclined to do evil. TRUE OR FALSE?

Genesis 4:4 Abel, on his part also brought of the firstlings of his flock and fat portions. And the Lord had regard for Abel and for his offering; (NASB)

The Lord rejected Abel's offering because of the sin he inherited from his parents, Adam and Eve. Abel was born totally depraved, only inclined to do evil. TRUE OR FALSE?


In order to believe the false doctrine of inherited sin, total depravity AKA original sin; then pride, ignorance, and, or a total a disregard for the Bible must be in play. 

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  1. Prayer Request : Please pray for myself and my children. We're in a very dangerous situation right now, and quite literally ONLY God can save us. Just like the Children of Israel, were trapped between the approaching Egyptians and the Red Sea, we are quite literally trapped as well. But the Creator of Heaven and Earth was able to miraculously rescue them and I'm praying and believing God to miraculously rescue us as well. He's the SAME God and NOTHING is impossible for Him. Please help me to pray. Like the Word says " if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything...." Please agree with me for a miraculous deliverance for myself and my children. Thanks in advance.


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