Friday, January 22, 2016


The following are teachings that are not found in the New Testament Bible.

1. The Virgin Mary lived a sinless life.

2. Men should pray the Rosary.

3. Transubstantiation.

4. Praying to Popes, the Virgin Mary and other dead saints.

5. Kissing the Pope's feet.

6. Confession of sins to a priest.

7. Burning candles in the church building.

8. Baptizing infants for the remission of sins.

9. Baptizing anyone because they are guilty of Adam's sin.

10. Teaching that the Virgin Mary is co-redeemer with Jesus.

11. Purgatory.

12. That the apostle Peter was the first Pope.

13. That the Pope was given authority to change Scriptures.

14. The use of Holy Water.

15. A sacrificial Mass.

16. Sales of indulgences.

17. The bodily assumption of Mary.

18. Devotion to Mary is essential for salvation.

19. Church tradition voids Scripture.

20. Priests or pastors have the authority to forgive church members of their sins.

21. The church is the final authority for faith and practice. The Bible is not the final authority.

22. Infants are guilty of sin.

23. The Pope is the head of the church of Christ on earth.

24. Penance, a sacrament for forgiveness after baptism.

25. That the King James Version of the Bible is the only trustworthy translation of God's written word.

26. That Christians can continue living a sinful lifestyle and still be saved; because they are once saved always saved.

27. Under the New Covenant God chooses some men to be saved and all the others to burn in hell.

28. That water baptism is not essential for forgiveness from sin.

29. God says we are saved by grace alone; therefore we do not have to obey by believing in Jesus or being baptized in water.

30. That Saul was saved by simply believing in Jesus, on the road to Damascus.

31. Saying the sinner's prayer is God's terms for pardon.

32. There are many ways to heaven, Jesus is just one of many Saviors.

33. God will never send anyone to hell.

34. Jesus authorized many denominations; because He realized all men could not follow the Bible and the Bible alone.




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