Sunday, January 24, 2016


If the apostle Paul had organized a North Jerusalem Christian Convention in order to restore the teaching of the apostles doctrine, would the featured speakers list had looked like this?

First Day: Hymenaeus and Philetus. Bio: Founders of the Church of the Resurrection is Past. Ref: 2 Timothy 2:17-18.

Second Day: Judaizer Speaker. Bio: Member of 1st Jerusalem Judaizers Church of Christ. Ref: Acts 15:5.

Third Day: Apollos. Bio. Teacher from the Church of Knowing Only the Baptism of John. Ref: Acts 18:24-25.

Fourth Day: Apostle Peter. Was canceled because his sermon was deemed offensive and divisive. Ref: Acts 2:14-41.

Could you picture in your mind, visualize, conceive of, envision the apostle Paul organizing a Christian Convention that had speakers that did not teach and preach the new covenant gospel plan of salvation? 


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