Sunday, September 11, 2016


The road to the truth about God and His plan for mankind is found in the Bible and the Bible alone. Those who believe that the Bible is not trustworthy, and filled with errors are the ones who trust extra-Biblical writings for the absolute truth.

Why anyone would trust Bible commentaries and church creed books for the complete truth about God is mystifying? Is that reasoning based on faith? Is that reasoning a product of wisdom from God? God tells us to pray for wisdom.   

How is it possible to not trust the Bible and then use the Bible, that you believe it not trustworthy, for your bases for writing absolute truth in church catechisms and other books that contradict Biblical facts?

It is irrational to deny that the Bible is not God's only trustworthy source for truth and then use it to argue opposite doctrines found in creed books and Bible commentaries that have been written by mere men.

Trust the Bible and the Bible alone for God's view or trusts the uninspired writings of men.

Scriptures are inspired by God.

The views of men are inspired by their own opinions.

2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God......(NKJV)

What could be more irrational than using a Bible you do not believe is the absolute truth and the only truth as the proof to validate a position contrary to Scripture?


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